Project Management

Effective Teams

I have often found that the key to any endeavor, including Project Management or Coaching, lies around building a good relationship. Think back to the most effective teams or relationships you have ever had. It should have characteristics such as:


·         Mutual trust should be a top priority

·         Honesty and integrity should also be up there

·         Confidentiality is important to a good team

·         You should make sure the team (and yourself) values differences

·         Teams should have a little fun

·         People like being respected (I once worked on a team where everyone was given a ping pong gun. If they caught anyone disrespecting another, they were allowed to shoot them)

·         The Goals must be clearly defined “SMART: goals. (S = specific, M= measureable, A = attainable, R = realistic and T = time based)

·         Responsibility that is expected in all the members of the team’s work – there is no such thing as “It’s not my job”

·         Shared responsibility, accountability and rewards tied to performance

·         frequent celebrations when called for

·         Ability to make decisions (the only way to learn is to take risks)

·         Mutual support and mentoring

·         AND the most important thing is a Leader who leads, sets a vision and allows sharing of ideas from all team members


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