Project Management

General Management and Interpersonal Skills for Project Management

General management encompasses planning, organizing, staffing, executing, and controlling the operations of an ongoing enterprise. It includes supporting disciplines such as:


Financial management and accounting

Purchasing and procurement

Sales and marketing

Contracts and commercial law

Manufacturing and distribution

Logistics and supply chain

Strategic planning, tactical planning, and operational planning

Organizational structures, organizational behavior personnel   administration, compensation, benefits, and career paths

Health and safety practices

Information technology.


General management provides the foundation for building project management skills and is often essential for the project manager. On any given project, skill in any number of general management areas may be required. General management literature documents these skills, and their application is fundamentally the same on a project.


The management of interpersonal relationships includes:


Effective communication. The exchange of information

Influencing the organization. The ability to “get things done”

Leadership. Developing a vision and strategy, and motivating people to

achieve that vision and strategy

Motivation. Energizing people to achieve high levels of performance and to overcome barriers to change

Negotiation and conflict management. Conferring with others to come to terms with them or to reach an agreement

Problem solving. The combination of problem definition, alternatives

identification and analysis, and decision-making.


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