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About Donna Ritter – Certified PMP

I have 30 years of experience as a Software Development Director and Project Manager. I obtained my PMP Certification in 2005 and love to mentor others in the Project Management discipline.

If anyone would like some 1/1 time with me, just post. It may take me a few days but I will get back to you. If you want longer PMP consultation we can arrange that as well.


  1. good collection , am about to give my PMP exams in about 3 /4 days. Thanks for the inputs , shall spread the message to other aspirants too.

    Comment by bhasker ravivarma | September 27, 2008 | Reply

    • Thanks! If there is anything I can do for you let me know.


      Comment by Donna Ritter | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. Dear Donna Ritter,
    Please HELP ME
    I’m interested in on line study concerning “Risk Analysis”.
    Torture is the least that can describe my agony caused through “surfing over the net”…. If you can show me the way for HIGH Diploma I would appreciate it extremely…
    Thanks in Advance…..
    I admired the essay so much though some I could not get…


    Comment by Essam K. Shaat | October 30, 2008 | Reply

    • There is a new Risk Analysis PMBOK available on Take a look at that and ask me specific questions and I will be glad to help.


      Comment by Donna Ritter | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  3. Today, Nov. 6, is International Project Management Day — dedicated to celebrating projects and project managers.

    In honor of this occasion, Cheetah Learning ( is posting a survey asking PMP’s what global problem PM can solve. Cheetah Learning was just named PMI®’s 2008 Professional Development Provider of the

    You and your readers can fill out our survey at

    To learn more about International Project Management Day, listen to Chief Cheetah Michelle LaBrosse’s podcast at, and check out her blog at

    To interview Michelle LaBrosse about International PM Day, and how PM can help attain any goal, please contact me via email.

    Please add Michelle to your blogroll, too!

    Virginia Randall

    Comment by vivi | November 6, 2008 | Reply

  4. i’m following a preparation for the pmp exam please could you help me we any type of test samples for that exam,
    i’m working as technical sales representative at michelin cameorun and i’m in training to present my exam on april 2009
    this is y e mail

    best regard

    Comment by jerry | November 29, 2008 | Reply

  5. Hi Donna,

    I am Badrinarayan M, working as a Project Manager and a certified PMP from Jan, 2009. Firstly, let me thank and congratulate you on your article on EVM.It is very simple and wonderful.

    Do you have any worksheets or material on time and cost estimates to simplify the process, that you could share with me?
    Badrinarayan M

    Comment by Badrinarayan M | March 10, 2009 | Reply

  6. Hi Donna,

    I am in need of your advice.

    I am a team lead in a IT company. We develop software applications for the Health Care vertical. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 2009 is my 9th year in the IT industry, Going forward i aspire to get into project management. I am not a project manager as of today, i aspire to be an assistant project manager or project manager in the next year,year & half. I am planning to prepare for and take up the PMP certification. I have set a 3/4 month time line to prepare and get certified. I have a few questions bothering me, i have listed them below.

    Should i be a project manager before i take PMP ?
    Can i get PMP certified and apply for APM or PM role ?
    Am i on the right track ?

    Please help me take the right steps to forward my career aspirations.

    Thanking you in advance
    Monish D

    Comment by Monish Dombla | June 3, 2009 | Reply

    • 1. You need Project Managent experience before applying to take the test. It can be as a Business Analyst, programmr or any other project related activity. You have to document these hours on you application. If you have a BS the hours required are shorter, but if not h]they are longer. You can find the requirements on
      2. I don’t understand your question. I think the answer is yes.
      3. You seem to be on the right track.
      4. I will be happy to coach you

      Comment by Donna Ritter | June 3, 2009 | Reply

    • More thoughts:

      I also thing that if you are an IT manager you should get you PMP certification. It gives you tools to deal with HR, Procurement, Team building etc. It also will send a message to your group that you find it important.

      The things I did that helped me the most was to have a study buddy (we met twice a week) to quiz each other, make study booklets etc. and Google for free pmp tests and take as many on line as possible. The tests are a random selection of PMIs test base, multiple choice and with at least 2 answers that seem plausible.You can’t bring anything in the test center and it runs from 8-12, but I took a break every hour to walk around, eat an energy bar and get some water.. Also as soon as I got there they give you paper and pencils and show you a 15 minute tutorial on how to take the test. Since I have been in the computer business for 30 years, I took that time to write down all of the formulas I had memorized (and I did needed to refer to it) and the knowledge groups, processes, inputs and outputs. That sheet they let me keep since it didn’t leave the test center. Since the tests are randomly generated, other test probably won’t match yours. Also skip questions you don’t know and mark them (it will let you do that). Then come back to unanswered or hard questions after. I still ended up having time to do that and finish 10 minutes early.

      Let me know if you want to talk about it. I wish you luck. The test was very situational, so I had no idea what grade I made until I hit submit and is was a 98%!

      Comment by Donna Ritter | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  7. Excellent site, keep up the good work

    Comment by Bill Bartmann | September 3, 2009 | Reply

  8. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for your offer to help those in need of some advice 😉
    I have few question regarding PMP Certification. Perhaps you could get back to my email and I can explain what I am looking for…
    Thanks and God Bless You.


    Comment by Tomas Minka | December 4, 2009 | Reply

  9. please i need information on books that i have to acquire for pmp exam and what a more elaborate explanation on PROJECT CHARTER

    Comment by elvis Wiafe Boateng | February 24, 2011 | Reply

    • After you have studied what a project charter is I will be glad to help with any questions.

      Comment by Donna Ritter | March 8, 2011 | Reply

  10. Hi Donna,

    I really need your advice. I am working in support team in a product based IT company. I am MCA and have 7+ years of experience. I have good management skills and want to become a good project manager. I am not in management role currently, please show me the way how can I become a manager.

    Can PMP help me to reach my goal, I am planning to do it ASAP if it help me.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Comment by Vikram | April 5, 2011 | Reply

  11. Hi Donna,

    I am in need of your advice.

    I have 7 years of experience in IT industry, as of today. I have worked in Development and Support projects , though only as a Programmer and Support person and not as a Project Lead/Manager.

    Am I still eligible to take up PMP certification OR in other words, will PMP be of any help to me , as I do not have a Project Management Experience?

    I am confused as to whether I should have some real time Project Lead/Manager experience to take this exam, as I have mostly been involved in Coding, Testing, Bug Fixing and Support Related Activities.

    I aspire to take my career to the next level.

    Thanks in Advance.


    Comment by Saravanan | April 7, 2011 | Reply

    • Abdsolutely, Look on their webs
      ite for the exact requirements, but all you need to do is document the hours you spent working on a project – you don’t have to be the PM.


      Comment by Donna Ritter | June 18, 2011 | Reply

  12. Hi Donna,

    I have a little formal project management experience, but only a little and it has been several years since I’ve put it to use. I just inherrited a project that is in progress, but had no formal charter, plan, etc. Do you have any advice on where to start or any suggestions for resources to quickly refresh my memory and guide me through the process?

    Excellent blog, thank you for sharing your insight and experience!

    Comment by Murren | May 23, 2011 | Reply

    • You need to take ba y steps and make sure you don’t get the concept of Project Management abad reputation. I’ve often gone into a company where the officers want Project Managrement but don’t even know why. I suggest you hold a series of lunch and learn meetings to introduce the concepts on an example of the projects you are engaged in and bit by bit people will become intrigued. People want to do quality work and come in on schedule – they just don’t want “yet another process” to be shoved at them.

      thanks! Donna

      Comment by Donna Ritter | June 18, 2011 | Reply

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